Seven Lean Years

Book Reviews

No one knows everything, but in Western civilization collectively is a tremendous amount of knowledge and how-to (and how-not-to) information that will make life easier and even possible in a period of international turmoil. Some of this knowledge has been published in old-fashioned books, the kind printed on paper and able to be set on shelves where they can serve as generational reference works.

On this page are links to our reviews of books that will add to the general knowledge of the reader concerned about why the world is as it is and how to endure [not prosper, but simply survive] in a culture that will seem to be collapsing on the reader, the institutions of the culture pancaking as floors of a collapsing building fall down upon lower floors until only rubble remains.  

Books reviews will be added as appropriate reviews are written as writing time permits.

Book Reviews

100 Mile Diet