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For a couple of decades I lived in rural or semi-rural Alaska, knowing from growing to maturity along the Oregon Coast that certain things existed, but not able to obtain these things—usually tools; sometimes foods—locally in Alaska. Mail order became part of a way of life, with me becoming well enough known by the Post Office that several letters were delivered to me in 1979 and 1980 addressed with only my name and “Alaska” on the envelope

Enduring in a time of international turmoil, especially after the surplus of resources presently available to almost everyone has been stretched thin, will be helped if the person has on hand the tools and supplies needed to feed, clothe, and provide heat and shelter for the person and his or her family. When fuel becomes difficult to obtain and packages don’t arrive at their addressed destinations, ordering what a person doesn’t have will cause the person to do without whatever was ordered.

On this page are links to suppliers and supplies, reference works and hand tools: these links are not endorsements, but represent suppliers and supplies found to be useful and/or helpful when breaking dependency on weekly purchases from box stores.

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